Great tips to make your cSA fun and manageable, and your refrigerator organized and clean

  1. Before you pick up your CSA go through your fridge. Compost food that has gone bad, process items that have to be eaten soon, maybe even cook the rest of your vegetables- throw them all into a soup or roast them up together.
  2. When you pick up your box of food check out what you received and process it as much as you can to make it easier to cook with or eat raw throughout the week.
    Ex: if there are beets with greens still attached, cut off the greens and clean them for cooking or salad, bag them with other cooking/salad greens. Cut the beets into slices or cubes for roasting, or grate for salad. 
  3. Before you come to pick up your CSA grab some used bags (paper or plastic) for your produce. You can even bring us all of your used bags and we will utilize them throughout the whole season. 
  4. If you do not know how to use something- ASK! We have been working with this issue for many years as we try growing random plants, and we have discovered tasty and nourishing recipes.