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CSA - community supported agriculture 



Community Supported Agriculture is one of the best ways for small farmers to sell their food crops, and for you to get fresh, quality produce into your home!

Food has the most nutrition right after harvest, but it is generally hard to get fresh food. Produce arrives at the store after a week or more of traveling from CA or even farther.

The CSA program allows us to harvest each crop when it is ready to eat; you get the food when it is fresh and most nutritious; and we get the security of knowing that the food we harvest will be eaten right away by people who are excited to have good quality food!



A variety of 6 to 10 vegetables each week.


Pickup is at Mahonia Gardens on Tuesday's 4-5pm or in Bend at CO Locavore at 5pm.


Family Share= $660             ($30 worth of food/week)

Standard Share= $440         ($20 worth of food/week)


Summer Share starts June 4th and ends October 29th (22 weeks total).  

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As long as there’s a few farmers out there, we’ll keep fighting for them.